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In May we were so blessed to be a part of Marco and Haley's big day at Turtle Point Yacht and Country Club in Killen, Alabama. Thankfully, you can barely tell from the photos, but there were 40 mph winds all day. Nature gave us a quick little rain shower just AFTER the ceremony - just to show us she could I guess, but the wedding and happiness of the bride and groom managed to push away any rainy day blues!

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How do you photograph a big beautiful wedding party when you have high winds? Keep them moving! Thanks to Haley's nephew Trip for making this one of my all-time favorites! 2017 fMay Bostick-Davis-8212017 fMay Bostick-Davis-821

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  • Catering Services:  Turtle Point (Jennifer) 256-757-2153

  • Wedding Cake:  Amy’s Cakes (Amy) 256- 757-6842

  • D.J. and Ceremony Sound:  Fine Era Productions (Seth) 256-577-3015

  • Ceremony Music:  Valley Conservatory (Renee) 256-653-8901

  • Florist:  Lola’s (Carl) 256-383-2299

  • Videography:  Awaken Films (Al) 256-349-7054

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The Bunny Session with Nash I think I am finally seeing the light after a super busy spring senior season. It's been so busy that some of my most faithful clients have been left to their own devices when it comes to ordering. But I recently realized, I had not even posted Nash's bunny session!

It's been so much fun to watch Nash grow and see how great of parents Dustin and Lindsey clearly are!

Nash was a little leery of the bunny, but he warmed up pretty quick, because the bunny was SO sweet!

He especially liked it when mom got to pet the bunny! I love seeing these two interact! Lindsay was one of my favorite brides ever and is so photogenic!

Can't wait to see what is next for Nash! This day he was Super Nash! What a precious time!!

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Man's Best Friends Some days you get to be a part of something special.

I've known Harold for a while now, and we've worked together on a few events. He's a big personality, but not in a pushy way. He's got an unmistakable voice - I can always tell, from my back office, when he comes into the newspaper office to bring me something. I know he's a passionate Civil War buff,  the kind of Mississippi State fan who drives to Omaha for CWS games, as well as being a businessman, dad and husband.

So, you think you know a person.

But today, I got to see something that REALLY makes him happy. When three yellow labs he owns found him in the field near where they are kenneled for training, .... well, you can imagine the reaction of the dogs. And he was similarly enthusiastic! There was no, "Get Down!" but only "Hey guys!!"  and greetings for them all by name (Missy, Elvis, Gracie, Catfish and Gunner) in response to their EFFUSIVE, ENTHUSIASTIC GREETINGS (if Labs could type, I'm pretty sure they would always BE IN ALL CAPS!!!!)

A few months ago he asked me to plan on taking pictures of his hunting Labrador Retrievers, as they have all five earned their Hunter Retriever Champion titles. I've a background in dogs, so I understand the desire to preserve and honor that achievement, and looked forward to it. We scheduled a day to do it, and I forced Harold to get up early, for the best possible light, though he moaned about it. I was pretty sure the dogs would be wide awake, being Labs. I figured they aren't all as laid back as his constant buddy, Gunner, who is a regular at Harold's office in town. Gunner has always seemed most concerned with holding down a rug at the office, but apparently in his earlier life, he brought in hundreds of birds for Harold, and earned his HR Ch.

Taking pictures of any dogs is usually like herding cats, but this was a riot. The dogs were SO EXCITED! HEY, LOOK A PHEASANT!! HEY LOOK, HE'S DOWN ON THE GROUND! LOOK THERE'S... (fill in the blank)!!!! I'm pretty sure that if Labs could talk and type and text EVERYTHING THEY SAY WOULD BE IN ALL CAPS!!  With the help of their handler/trainer Jesse Sheppard and his helper, they eventually all sat, for a few minutes, anyway, and we got some good shots.

In this bottom photo, you can see, from left to right, Gunner (laying down), Gracie, Elvis, Harold, Catfish and Missy.

On a sad note, it was probably Gunner's last day. After a working dog's lifetime of jumping into cold water in the winter, at 12, he's been slow for years, but the arthritis has finally won. He can't walk on his own anymore, his kidneys have shut down, and he was unable to do more than lay down. But he still wagged his tail, was bright-eyed, responsive and excited. I was humbled and honored to be able to take a few shots of him and Harold, as well as with his Lab family members, on what was scheduled to be his final outing.

The younger dogs showed their skills, with the help of trainer Jesse, and Harold. They managed to look very enthusiastic retrieving things that must certainly be less exciting than actual ducks!

Above, Harold lectures the boy dogs, pointing out how sorry they look letting Gracie be all gung ho.

Gracie posing prettily. Sorry, I had a favorite.

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Loves Fields and Water Had a great time Saturday with Summer and her mom, and my two intrepid assistants Ashley and Emma! Summer was pretty laid back about her senior portraits... said she wasn't picky, just likes fields and water... So we made it happen, and Summer was such a good sport! From laying on a hundred year old porch to wading in a occasionally sketchy creek, she was adventurous, and her portraits show it!

Plus she arrived fresh from the salon, with professionally done hair and makeup. This is always a good thing, as it makes a girl feel beautiful and confident. Just make sure your stylist(s) isn't too heavy with the makeup - you want to look like yourself, still! Summer's natural beauty was perfectly enhanced by the work done by her stylist at Hairport. 

When she saw the first back-of-the-camera previews, Summer exclaimed, "Wow, you made me look like I'm not awkward!" Just doing what we do, Summer!

Can't wait for you to see the other 100 I picked out!

And if you missed these - Summer rocked her volleyball sports portraits, too!

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My (Other) Girls! I have my three girls and it has been a joy through the years seeing them grow up and grow closer in their sisterly relationship. And, believe me, we have had many a "sister-session" both before and during my photography business career. The only girl of four, I've always missed the sister thing, so it is always a blessing to see sisters and how they interact, and to try to capture, just a little bit, the dynamic relationships of sisters, as well as brothers and siblings.

I've been taking pictures of the Williams family since before little Meredith was born, and they have changed SO MUCH through the years. This June we had a wonderful session down at the creek on their farm, and it was so fun to see how they have all changed since just last summer!

First, here's Elizabeth, former baby of the family, never the oldest, so she gets to be first! She is sweet as can be, but has a lot of spirit, too!

And there's Meredith. We have always called our youngest one the "Chatterbox Cafe" because of the sheer amount of words that can come out of her mouth during any interchange. Sounds like Meredith is the same way. Mom says that she starts as soon as she gets up, and never stops. She had a LOT to say about the session, the flower crowns (they were "pokey"), the creek, the rocks, getting wet (eeewww!), being able to get wet (please!!!), posing, not posing, wanting her shoes, not wanting her shoes on ....

And oh, those curls!!!

And finally, beautiful, cooperative, Audrey. She's so good at following posing guidance and expressions that I've even used her for some advertising images! Of course I don't see them all the time, but she's looking like the typical oldest sister. If there's a spelling bee to be won, softball game to play, leadership role to fill - she's your girl! I love the way her sisters look up to her. I love the way they have said her name through the times of learning to actually say "Audrey." Besides mom and dad, the big sister is the most important authority for younger sibs!

So thankful they let me mess with them, and use the flower crowns for some fun and artistic shots.

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Easter Fun We had such a good time with our Easter pics this year! Not sure if the chicks and Blackjack the rabbit enjoyed it as much as we did, but at least they got out in the sunshine for a while on some pretty days.

Thanks to the ever adorable Mary Ellis, who has been so much fun to watch grow the past two years!

And the wonderful Shows family. I had my plan all set for trying to get the attention of six kids at once, but they were so obedient and easy to take photos of! They all earned some rides on the horses afterwards! 

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Cody & Morgan We've been knowing this beauty her whole life, and I'm so happy to be a part of her story! We look forward to getting to know Cody better, and we are so excited about her wedding this spring! Congratulations!

Blog Board5Blog Board5

Go here for a look at all the previews!

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Simply Beautiful - Ellen Last week we enjoyed some session time with Ellen and her parents and I am loving the images!

There's a lot to be said for simplicity in portraits. While I love to incorporate items with personal meaning that tell the story of a subject, or add fun to the session, I really love when I can concentrate on the beauty of the subject with no fancy accessories. I don't have a fancy parasol for a dress-up session, or a fur stole...Not to say that those things aren't sometimes fun, but I try to remain conscious of what kind of wall art my clients want, and it's usually the images that make the subject shine that are the most popular.

Case in point - Ellen! Naturally beautiful, with flattering, cute outfits, I don't have to work to hard to make this beauty shine! Though she said she felt awkward, it's pretty clear that the camera loved her!

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Sanderson Young-uns  

Had a great time with my friend Sonya's little ones... who aren't so little anymore... last week! Super well-behaved, polite children, who aren't afraid to get creative and have some fun are always my favorites! These kids were so awesome, and I gotta mention their older sister, Paisleigh, who a working girl, now, and couldn't make it to the session. That just means there needs to be a next time!

The oldest is Luke - watch out girls! I hate to embarrass guys this age, but there must be a ton of middle school girls checking this one out!

And there's Eli - thoughtful, loving, and pretty fierce on the field. It was so nice to get to talk to him. So many of my interactions have been just him asking mom for money at the soccer field while we are talking! He was a hoot!
And then, to make them look good, there's Lila Grace! She's fierce on the field, AND the pageant stage, and I've loved all the images I've gotten to make of her over the years!
And best of all, Lila brought....


Who was a LOT of fun! And FEARLESS! Barked at our (considerably large) horses! Who showed absolutely no concern....

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McRae Photoart Senior Extras McRae Photoart Senior Extras

For the parents of our McRae Photoart Seniors, there are some extra perks, like having your football program or annual ads done professionally by us, using your awesome senior portraits! Loyalty has its perks!

As a professional in the publishing industry, I can make your ads look great - no stretched, out -of-proportion pictures, and they won't look like phone pictures someone is trying to use for a print publication! PHONE PICS are only good on PHONES! Trust me! At the very least you have to jump through some hoops to make them print well, and most people just don't have that experience... but I do. YOU won't have to worry about trying to use a phone picture of your player squinting in the sun! We do COLOR ads for the YEARBOOK, too!


So call TODAY to qualify for little extras like this that make YOUR SENIOR year the best it can be!!


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Kami! First Senior Girl of 2015 Presenting Kami! We had a great time over in nearby downtown Tuscumbia last week doing Kami's pics with her mom, one of my best friends. My young clients will recognize Kami from her great photo assistant work with McRae Photoart, especially at Tishomingo School, where they love her! She was very helpful putting a smile on the face of some of those 8th grade boys last year - just a few crushes there! And seeing her senior session, there's no doubt why! Around adults, she's very quiet, but you can tell from her session there's some fun and sass in there!

Kami is a senior with Eagle Home School, and she plays volleyball. She's a great actress and is active in her church's youth group and drama team. A born leader, she's the eldest of four beautiful Cecil girls. So watch out world!

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Long-Thomas Wedding Had a beautiful day for a wedding last Saturday! We worried it would be too hot, as many July weddings threaten to be, but the breeze off Pickwick Lake was just right!

Thanks to Amber and Ian and their families for being so easy to work with, and for letting us help tell their story!

Thanks to the folks at J.P. Coleman State Park for always having a good venue (but no thanks to the Canada geese!)

Gorgeous cake by Angela Simpson, and I think the food, too.

Thanks as always to my associate Jan for her endless enthusiasm and skill!

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Pre-Prom in the Park 2014 We were proud to be a part of the fourth annual Pre-Prom in the Park in Iuka with other IDEA (Iuka Development & Economic Association) last Saturday. We had a great turnout, and it was so fun seeing all the young people in their Gatsby-esque finery! Several couples really got into the theme! Thanks to everyone who stopped by, as it was the GRAND OPENING for the new studio, as well.

All the photos are for sale now at Special prices this week only!

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