Marco & Haley

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2017 fMay Bostick-Davis-5982017 fMay Bostick-Davis-598

In May we were so blessed to be a part of Marco and Haley's big day at Turtle Point Yacht and Country Club in Killen, Alabama. Thankfully, you can barely tell from the photos, but there were 40 mph winds all day. Nature gave us a quick little rain shower just AFTER the ceremony - just to show us she could I guess, but the wedding and happiness of the bride and groom managed to push away any rainy day blues!

2017 fMay Bostick-Davis-942017 fMay Bostick-Davis-94 2017 fMay Bostick-Davis-2142017 fMay Bostick-Davis-214

How do you photograph a big beautiful wedding party when you have high winds? Keep them moving! Thanks to Haley's nephew Trip for making this one of my all-time favorites! 2017 fMay Bostick-Davis-8212017 fMay Bostick-Davis-821

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  • Catering Services:  Turtle Point (Jennifer) 256-757-2153

  • Wedding Cake:  Amy’s Cakes (Amy) 256- 757-6842

  • D.J. and Ceremony Sound:  Fine Era Productions (Seth) 256-577-3015

  • Ceremony Music:  Valley Conservatory (Renee) 256-653-8901

  • Florist:  Lola’s (Carl) 256-383-2299

  • Videography:  Awaken Films (Al) 256-349-7054


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